DIY Silhouette Canvas Wall Art

Check out our new Silhouettes by BB A-Peel! Designer Brittany Bell used them to make her own wall canvas.

Check out her Step-By-Step how-to on the “Dreamer” Silhouette below.


Don’t we all like to get crafty from time to time? I LOVE making my own décor in my home especially for my girls. Today, I’ll walk you through how to use Quilting Applique to make a beautiful wrapped canvas.

I first went to JoAnn Fabrics to get some fabric inspiration. After standing in the Batik section for what seemed like an hour, I found the perfect fabric to match not only the “Dreamer” Applique I was going to use but also a visual style of my daughter’s personality. I didn’t need this for any other project at the time so I just bought ½ Yard.

Fabric used is Hot Rainbow Scrolls Metallic (Batik). It is 100% cotton and I just love it!

I decided to create this with a canvas which I also purchased from JoAnn Fabrics. The canvas was 70% off so I got it for a steal basically. When I buy Canvas, I do try to buy them when they are on sale. If not, I feel like they just cost too much to make the DIY project worth it (rather than just buying something online).  The canvas size I used is 12” x 24”.

Take the fabric and lay it all the way out. I decided to have the orange part more in the center of my canvas than off to the side (mainly because my favorite color is purple and I wanted a good amount of both colors). To get an idea of what it would look like before cutting, I laid out my Applique Silhouette as well. Once I had exactly what I wanted, I went ahead and cut out the fabric leaving myself  a good 3 to 4 Inches all the way around (You will need this to staple your fabric on).

Next, go ahead and iron out your fabric. I didn’t want to risk having to pull the snot out of my fabric to remove the lines so this to me was a must.  Once you have your fabric ironed staple it onto your canvas making sure to do it tightly and evenly. You don’t want to pull too much on one side and cause your fabric to go crooked especially if you have a design in your fabric like I did. Try doing top then bottom then side to side.





Now, take your Silhouette and remove the backing to expose the tacky Steam-A-Seam. The great thing about this stuff is you can move it as many times as you need to and not compromise the tackiness of the Steam-A-Seam. Once you have your Silhouette nice and centered, take a scrap piece of fabric and lay over top of your silhouette. You do not want to place your Iron directly on it because it could leave marks. And why risk it, right? Now Iron your silhouette to make it permanent and you are finished!





Congratulations! You’ve just completed your very own Wall Art Canvas! I hope you found this to be helpful and that I was able to guide you through it. Be sure to like our FB page and follow us on Pinterest to see our other products and my projects as well as new products and upcoming sales!

Note: For a framed look, you can use a reverse canvas. Reverse canvas will be a tad more tedious but would give your project a little more detail. To do this, you would remove the canvas from the framework, stain your frame to your choosing, and reassemble except staple to the back of the frame rather than wrapping around. You will want to Iron your Silhouette to the fabric and place the fabric in between the frame and the canvas prior to stapling it to the back of the frame.


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