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DIY Silhouette Canvas Wall Art

Check out our new Silhouettes by BB A-Peel! Designer Brittany Bell used them to make her own wall canvas. Check out her Step-By-Step how-to on the “Dreamer” Silhouette below.   Don’t we all like to get crafty from time to…

How to remove Tear Away paper

Here is a short video demonstrating the best way to remove the Tear Away paper after you have finished quilting over top of it. The trick is to pull fast when removing to get as much of the paper out…

How to use Tear Away Paper

This is a quick How To video on using Tear Away paper for your quilting projects. As you can see in the video, you do not need to be exact on the lines and the more you practice, the better…

Nancy Zieman Designs

Nancy Zieman designs sold through our Canadian distributor QuiltSourceCanada and other fine distributors throughout the U.S.