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Applique Elementz Precut Applique

Precut applique are various laser cut fabric shapes that have pre-applied fusible webbing placed on the back of each shape. The time saved by purchasing our precut applique with the fusible webbing already done is huge.

Anyone who has done hand applique knows how tedious cutting and applying fusible webbing can be so forget all that intricate cutting and fussy application.

Simply remove the paper backing and place the applique shapes in the desired position on your quilt or current project and set your iron to the cotton setting. Iron the applique for approximately 3 seconds and the shape is now bonded to your quilt. If adhered properly to the background fabric the finished applique piece can be washed in cold water by hand or on a delicate cycle then line dried.

It could not be any simpler! Using our pre-fused applique will allow you to easily create an awe inspiring project with almost instant gratification. Can be used on anything from fabric to walls, windows and wood.