Tear Away Quilting Designs

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Tear Away Quilting Designs

We now have many Tear Away Quilting Designs and numerous Tear Away Corners to choose from for today’s free motion quilter or domestic machine quilter. A great tool that eliminates the need to mark your fabric because the Tear Away quilting paper comes pre-printed. This Tear Away paper is thin much like tracing paper or freezer paper, easy to use, and easy to sew through and remove afterwards without ruining any of your stitching.

To adhere the Tear Away paper to your fabric we recommend the use of 505 Basting Spray, Therm-O-Web Spray N Bond or a Quilt Basting Adhesive spray. After slightly spraying the back side of the Tear Away paper pattern with your product of choice, you simply place the pattern in your desired location on your quilting project and begin your free motion quilting. When you are finished quilting through the pre-printed paper, simply tear away the paper and you are done!

See a wonderful Tear Away Quilting Demo done by Sparrow Quilt Co. Click Here

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