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    Computerized Longarm Designs

    Please note these are computerized longarm machine designs, they are not plastic stencils. If you are looking for the paper pantographs for your longarm machine we have those listed under the category titled Pantograph Paper Designs.

    Our computerized longarm designs are available in the following formats; Handiquilter, Statler Stitcher, PC Quilter, Intelliquilter, Quilting Robot, HQ Pro-Stitcher, Side Saddle, QBOT HPGL.

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    "Snowflake" Computerized Design for EL002
    Item #: ELC5001

    "Snowflake" Computerized Design for EL004
    Item #: ELC5002

    "Heart Puzzle" Computerized Design for EL005
    Item #: ELC5003

    "Apple Puzzle" Computerized Design for EL006
    Item #: ELC5004

    "Scabrock Moire" Computerized Design for EL011
    Item #: ELC5005

    "Double Border" Computerized Design for EL012
    Item #: ELC5006

    "Double Border Corner" Computerized Design for EL012
    Item #: ELC5007

    "Little Heartbeat Stipple" Computerized Design for EL017
    Item #: ELC5009

    "Elm Leaves" Computerized Design for EL018
    Item #: ELC5010

    "Wheat Heart" Computerized Design for EL029
    Item #: ELC5013

    "Rose Stipple" Computerized Design for EL032
    Item #: ELC5014

    "Bali Vine" Computerized Design for EL099
    Item #: ELC5015

    "Tumbling Leaf Border" Computerized Design for EL160-161
    Item #: ELC5016

    "Tumbling Leaf Medallion" Computerized Design for EL162-163
    Item #: ELC5017

    "Frogs" Computerized Design for FC41
    Item #: JMC5001

    Laundry Basket
    Computerized Design

    Item #: LBC5001

    "Signs of Spring" Laundry Basket Computerized Design
    Item #: LBC5002

    "Creeping Myrtle" Laundry Basket Computerized Design
    Item #: LBC5003

    "New Bloom"
    Laundry Basket
    Computerized Design

    Item #: LBC5004

    "Tulip TIme"
    Laundry Basket
    Computerized Design

    Item #: LBC5005

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