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    Accessories > Pounce Pads

    Quilt Pounce Pad Blue

    Item #: QPUB


    Quilt Pounce with Blue Chalk.

    * Easy to use
    * Super time saver
    * Extremely accurate
    * Use for machine or hand quilting
    * Does not pull or stretch your fabric when marking
    * We suggest you always test a scrap of the fabric first to be sure
    * Instructions included with every pounce pad
    * When you're done sewing simply wash or brush it off.

    Note: This blue marking powder does not iron off like the Ultimate Quilt Pounce and isn't recommened for quilts you don't plan to wash.

    Transferring any size of stencil is so easy and fun! It's instant & absolutely accurate. Simply fill the Pounce Pad's large inner reservoir with the Pounce Powder (included) & gently wipe it across the surface of the stencil. That's it!

    One 4oz. package is enough to mark several large quilts. It adheres exceptionally well with minimal bouncing when sewing along the stencil lines. Best of all, when you're done following your design, you simply wash or brush it off. The Pounce Powder has been used in the garment industry for many years, so it's safe & you can use it on your heirloom quilts with confidence.

    $17.99 $15.99/Each


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